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Hello! I'm Callie on MUA. I've created this page with information obtained by personal experience, reading posts on MUA, and through the help of some kind contributors who've contacted me directly (and vice-versa).

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Please send me any additions, corrections, baking/removal tips and instructions, pan and palette sizes, descriptions, prices, and links to specific products that you may have that you'd like to be included in this site. Please let me know what your MUA username is, and also warn me if you do NOT want to be credited here (don't worry, I don't reveal personal information to anyone!).

P.S. I'm personally really interested in what fits exactly into what -- for instance, I know that you can put Stila pans into a large MAC e/s palette, but they are NOT the same size...  If anyone has exact sizes (inches/mm) or is curious and would like to measure any of these for me, please let me know!

Thanks to these MUA members (and others) for contributing!:
Abbeydabbey, AshleyPB, Carrera, JDell10, NancyC, Paniscus

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General information about the items on this list:

[listed by diameter, from smallest to largest, * = size is in question -- may not be in correct category]

small MAC e/s
size: 25 or 26 mm
fits in palettes:

Bonne Bell Flip It! (2-pan, cardboard, adhesive instead of magnets)
Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Duo Refillable Compact ($3, 2-pan, with mirror and magnets)
MAC Pro Colour Palette/x4 Eye Shadow ($3.50, 4-pan, metal-backed for pans with magnets, clear cover, 27mm slots)
MAC Pro Colour Palette/Small Eye Shadow ($12, 15-pan, metal-backed for pans with magnets, 27mm slots)
MMU 8-Slot Palette (
$20, 6 slots for small pans and 2 for large - possibly cardboard?)
Prescriptives Pick 2 Refillable Eyeshadow Compact ($3, 2-pan, with mirror and magnets)
Prescriptives 4-pan compact, other combo (blush/eyeshadow) compacts (discontinued?)
Prescriptives combo palettes (Wishbox, etc.)

same size as:

sold in pans and pots:
MAC small e/s
MMU Shadow Petites (2 g., pan is $8.25, stacking pot is $9.50)
* FACE Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow (0.07 oz./2 g, $15 for pot)
La Femme "Ultra Pearl" eyeshadow

sold in pans, only:
Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow Refill (0.05 oz./1.6 g pan, $10 as sold at beauty.com)
Bonne Bell Powder Pak Eye Shadow Pans (two shades per package)
Prescriptives Pick 2 Eyeshadow ($13 at Gloss.com, called "tablets")

sold in pots, only:
Bath & Body Works eyeshadow
Clinique Touch Base (a cream eyeshadow)
* Estee Lauder e/s
Fetish (small size - there are two?)
* i nuovi X mm e/s (discontinued?)
Jane EyeZing Shadows ($2.79 online at Harmon Discount)
Jordana eye shadows
Origins Eyeshadow (0.05 oz/1.5 g mirrored compacts, $12.50)
Paula's Select Soft Matte Eyeshadow (0.07 oz/2 g, $7.95)
Prestige e/s (OLD e/s, before Spring 2002)
Revlon Streetwear cream eyeshadow

Studio Makeup / Studio Gear
Trade Secret e/s
Urban Decay Eye Shadow (0.05 oz, $15)

unknown - are these pans, pots, or both?:
fou d'elle
Red Earth

larger-than small MAC e/s
size: various
fits in palettes:  

sold in pots, only:
* Fresh (smaller than Stila?)
Garden Botanika Eye Shadow ($9/$8.10/$6)
* LORAC Eye Shadow (0.06 oz./1.7 g pots, $16) -- slightly bigger than small MAC e/s?
Max Factor e/s (30mm)
* The Body Shop
Tommy Hilfiger e/s (33mm)

* Victoria's Secret e/s (VS is DEFINITELY larger than small MAC pans but still smaller than Stila)

Stila e/s and blush
size:      35 mm
fits in palettes:

Stila 4-pan Compact ($12, cardboard, limited runs of each pattern)
Stila 6-pan Compact ($26, mirrored plastic with brush, new for 2001)
Stila 8-pan Compact ($38, mirrored plastic with brush)
Stila 9-pan (metal, discontinued)

same size as:

sold in pans and pots:
Stila Cheek Color ($13 for pan, $15 for pot, combo pots are a different size!)
Stila Eye Shadow ($13 for pan, $15 for pot, combo pots are a different size!)

large MAC e/s
size: 1-7/16 inches, 36mm
fits in palettes:
Chantecaille 8-pan
(found at Neiman Marcus)
So far these are Holiday 2001 (Olivia, Sylvie), Summer 2002, etc., and are almost identical in form to the Stila 8-pan palette, but hold larger pans, of course. These are only sold as FILLED palettes, and cost quite a bit.
FACE Stockholm
Pro Palette, Everyday 4-Pan Compact
10-pan Compact (does this exist?)
Pro Palette, Professional, 15-pan Compact

$6.00, as sold at Beauty.com

$12, as sold on Beauty.com
this has foam that surrounds the pans, and is not metal/magnetized

Fresh Eye Shadow Refillable Compact $20, sold only with a shadow included
Generic, sold at MakeupMania.com
15-well palette
advertised as fitting 1-5/16" pans (La Femme)
Japonesque Palettes for 1-7/16" pans sold by whosthefairest.com, makeupmania.com, others
MAC Pro Colour Palette/Large Eye Shadow $12, 8-pan, metal-backed for pans with magnets
Mirenesse Trio Case ($16.50 AU =~$8.88 USD, 3-pan with mirror, free with purchase of three or more shadows online)
Mirenesse 8-Palette Case ($40 AU =~$21.53 USD, 8-pan with mirror, also sold filled in special editions for $99 AU =~$53.28)
MMU 8-Slot Palette with Mirror and Brush MMUcosmetics.com: $22, fits their large MMU Eye Shadows, Lip Smears, Just Cheeky Blushes
Trish McEvoy compacts and planners eLuxury.com
same size as:

sold in pans and pots:
MAC large e/s (This size will possibly be discontinued by MAC, soon? I've heard this on the MUA boards.)
Chantecaille e/s & blush (not sold in pans individually, yet, but seasonal palettes contain removeable pans)
FACE Stockholm Matte Eyeshadow (0.1 oz./2.8 g pot/pan - $15 for pot)
Fresh Compact Eye Shadow Refill (0.11 oz./3 g pan - $12 for pan, $20 for pan IN compact)
La Femme Pressed Eyeshadow Powder ($2 for pan, $3.50 for pot, 1-5/16" size)
La Femme
Blush On Rouge ($2 for pan, $3 for pot, 1-5/16" size)
Mirenesse TwoWay Vitamin Capsule Shadows (4.5 g, sold as a pan/pot set and you pop out the pans, $16.50 AU =~$8.88 USD)
Mirenesse Mirror Gloss (2.5 g, sold as a pan/pot set and you pop out the pans, $16.50 AU =~$8.88 USD)
MMU (large) Eye Shadows: Glimmer or Mattify (4 g pot or pan, pan is $10.50, pot is $12.75)
MMU Just Cheeky Blushes (4 g pot or pan, pan is $10.50, stacking pot is $12.50)
Who's The Fairest? e/s & blush

sold in pans, only:
Trish McEvoy Shaper ($17), Glaze ($15), and Definer ($15) Eyeshadows (magnets included?), circle blushes

sold in pots, only:
Anna Sui Eye Color (0.1 oz./3 g, $17)
*Awake Eye Shadow (0.07 oz./2.5 g, $17)
Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow and Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow ($18)
CARGO Eye Shadow (0.12 oz./3.5 g tin, $15)
* i nuovi Colours Eye (0.15 oz?/3 g?, $13.50/$12.15)
* i nuovi Colours Blusher Eye (0.15 oz.?/3 g?, $16.50/$14.85, "34 mm colours"?)
Jane Blushing Cheeks Blush ($2.99 online at Harmon Discount)
LORAC Blush (0.15 oz./4.2 g, $14)
Paula Dorf Eyecolor and Eyecolor Glimmers (0.1 oz./3 g, $17)
philosophy windows of the soul (0.12 oz/3.4 g pot, $15)
Prestige e/s (NEW e/s, as of Spring 2002)
SkinMarket Pressed Eyeshadow (0.11 oz/3 g, $9.50)
ULTA Eyeshadow (0.13 oz/3.7 g, $6.50) (appears to have thinner pans than MAC)
Tigi "CyberOptics" e/s ($9.95 at local Trade Secret store)
Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush ($16)
Vincent Longo Matte Formula and Glimmer Formula Eyeshadows ($16)
Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trio, Flower Eyeshadow Trio, Sun, Moon, and Stars Eyeshadow Trio ($20)

MAC blush
size:      [inches/mm]
fits in palettes: MAC 6-pan blush
same size as:

sold in pans and pots:
MAC Blush

sold in pots, only:
MAC Sheer Shimmer Powders

Cargo blush
size:      [inches/mm]
fits in palettes:  
same size as: sold in pots, only:
Cargo blush

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